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    Welcome to digi smart solutions
    smart water management
    Always you know what's happening on your pool
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    Making the smart pool real
    Be smart and connect your pool
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    Welcome to digi smart solutions
    Keep your pool clean & Save your costs
    making your Pool connected & Access your pool water quality on your smartphone.
    Follow notifications and maintenance tips

about us

Who we are and what we do

Get to know us better.

Digi Smart Solutions is labeled by the Ministry of ICT and ranked second in the Tunisian national invention competition.

It operates in different business sectors such as: Agriculture, Aquaculture and Industry.

Digi Smart Solutions offers the following services:

  • Consulting in IoT and IA solutions :

    Provide best tips and recommendations to realise the optimised IoT ecosystem for your project.

  • Smart products for water quality management : 

    Offer products for the management of water quality in different types of pools such as fish farms, individual and hotel pools, dams, etc.

  • End-to-end IoT and IA applications: :

    Provide turnkey bespoke IoT applications

Our Values

IoT and AI tools for smart water Analyze, Diagnose, monitor, Alert and secure

Our Mission

Providing sustainable solutions for a better life.

Our Philosophy

Water is the source of life.


Our Specialties

IoT water

It is challenging to ensure the proper utilization of water, but proper implementation of IoT technology in Water Management Systems will surely make our lives convenient and conserve our valuable resources..

AI water

One of the newest tools for driving smart water management is software powered by artificial intelligence (AI).


We are offering Smart Products and Intelligent Applications to Water Management.

My Digi Pool

Are you looking to monitor your pool 24/7 ?

MyDigiPool is offering a fully centralized solution to monitor your pool water quality

  • Guaranted reliable results
  • Keep your water safe
  • Smart measure and monitor
  • Getting alerts and notifications to adjust Pool Water quality
  • Easy setup & use


Feeding an expected global population of 9 billion by 2050 is a daunting challenge.

The world food-producing sector must secure food and nutrition for the growing population through increased production and reduced waste Fisheries and aquaculture must address these challenges

So How to growth aquaculture production ?

‘Guppy” is the exclusive Smart Fish farm solution

  • Real time fish farm water quality monitoring
  • Automatic data acquisition and processing
  • Dashboard monitoring interface
  • Float, Waterproof and robust
  • Easy configuration

Featured Projects

Solutions based on IoT and AI tools collecting data received from multiple devices, sensors, systems to provide actionable reports for management and decision-making process.

Supervise consumption, Detects leakage, Alert, Make essential cuts,

In an installation, leaks not only waste water, but the damage can be extremely expensive.A water leak detection system is essential to avoid damage and waste of consumption.

Aquaculture management system

Optimization the maximum production density of fish is conditioned by real-time and automatic monitoring water quality parameters to deal with the death and fish diseases

Pool management system

Optimum efficiency is offered through the maintenance that requires automatic real-time control of different water parameter’s quality


Fully Cenralised Architecture.

Smart water monitoring solutions help industries and hotels to meet the wide array of challenges from water monitoring for all installed sites.

You can access your Analytics Dashboard from virtually anywhere and receive alerts and notifications via email, through iOS and Android app or by connecting to the secure website..


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Digi Smart Solutions
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